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Our History
Twin States Network was founded in 1991, when a group of HIV positive women came together in Hanover, NH looking to find support from others who shared their life experience. Those women ranged in age from 19 to 65 and came from all walks of life. Most of them had never met another HIV+ woman. It was a life changing experience! The decision to create a support network for women living with HIV was made that very first day. We called ourselves the Twin State Women’s Network. 

The organization has been through many changes over the years. We have seen programs and staff come and go. We changed our name to Twin States Network and expanded services to include men. Current programs are Peer Support, our annual Women's Retreat, Support Groups, and a Fitness Fund.
  1. Board of Directors
    Board of Directors
    President: Peggy Villar
    Don Rupard Jean Carr Julie Bardales Angela Daprato
  2. Executive Director
    Executive Director
    Donna Pratt
    Donna was involved in the creation of Twin States Women's Network in 1991. The organization became a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 1997, and was later re-named Twin States Network. Donna returned to the organization in 2016 as Executive Director, to ensure that the services we provide could continue without interruption. Donna enjoys weaving, camping with her husband, and spending time with the grandsons.
  3. Assistant Director
    Assistant Director
    Penni Cleverley
    Penni has been involved with Twin States Network for many years, but in February 2018 she came on board as Assistant Director and Peer Support Program Manager. She brought several years experience as a psychotherapist and working for non-profit organizations, including 13 years in supervisory roles. Penni enjoys gardening and indoor/ outdoor fires at the Gingerbread house.